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How can design help people live a less stressful, more balanced and healthier life?
Kelaa is a mental resilience programme. It was designed to help employees to sleep better, think positively and live happily; one step at a time, through tailored exercises and challenges.

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Setting up

To build a better Kelaa, we started by putting together a set of principles:

People at the heart. Understanding people is complicated. Every step is validated by them and our decisions should follow their lead - our goal is to make their life more meaningful, more balanced and less stressed;

Scientific validation. Everything we do has an impact. By surrounding ourselves with those with more knowledge around stress; we'll make sure our solution with have a positive one;

Our solution is for everyone. No one is left out.

Accessibility Audit

Living with stress and being able to grow with it is hard. To tackle this challenge the team created Kelaa around three main concepts: goals, sessions and a space for reflection.


Pick your destination, Kelaa will help you build the best path. The user is in control. We start by asking the user what are the things they care about or simply the ones they struggle with, the things they would be naturally more willing to learn about.

While they choose the destination, Kelaa creates the best path for them depending on their specific needs and ambitions.

Kelaa Review Screen


Small steps, big achievements.

Small, two-minute sessions that are easy to read, and quick to grasp proved to be more effective. Designed to be inviting, sessions didn't feel like chores but were challenging enough to keep people going.

While developing the sessions we soon found out that they couldn't be sequential. Different needs and expectations from people would make it feel wrong. So, to make sure the experience was engaging we created a Pleasure/Purpose map (see figure below), where we mapped each session to create a consistent path for our patients.

Kelaa Sessions Model


Look back and move forward.

Learning usually happens by immersing oneself in the different aspects of a new concept. This can be done by reading books on the subject, with classes or any other standard learning system. While keeping this in mind, we also knew that taking action is a big part of the learning process. To take advantage of that fact we created a two-factor approach:

Active: By offering different activities, the user can feel in a more clear way the implications and benefits of a particular exercise. This hands-on approach revealed the best for creating a sense of achievement and of effectiveness.

Contemplative: We provide the environment, the tools needed and the data. We also help the user understand this data by providing insights that lead them to understand themselves better.

Before you go...

After being released Kelaa led to a 15% decrease of stress levels after only 3 weeks of use and was shown to improve Mental Resilience by 11%. It is still going strong today with more people joining the programme.

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